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Audio Review: Invaders From Mars

“Invaders From Mars” (Big Finish #28)
Written & Directed by Mark Gatiss
Featuring the Doctor, Charley, and bad American accents

Rating: F

“Invaders from Mars” is the perfect example of why I should never get my hopes up about anything when it comes to Doctor Who. I tend to like stuff a lot of people don’t, and when I expect to like something, I am quite disappointed. This was the case with “Invaders from Mars,” which may very well be my least favorite of the Big Finish audios so far.

The idea is great: The Doctor and Charley arrive in New York just in time for Orson Welles’ famous radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds. As the story goes, there was mass panic as people tuned in to the radio in the middle of the story and thought the events being described were real. In typical Doctor Who fashion, aliens actually WERE invading, and the Doctor showed up to sort things out.

I’m not a huge fan of Paul McGann as the Doctor but I do like him, and he has a strong chemistry with India Fisher (Charley Pollard), which makes most of their work together listenable on that level alone. Unfortunately, this is pretty much pure shit.

I tend to like stuff set in the 1930s, as I love the “noir” feel of most of the stuff set in that era, but in this case, it fails pretty miserably. The voice acting is here pretty much the worst thing I’ve ever heard; almost all of the American accents are so unbelievable that I think the casting director behind this story should be fired, and then taken out back to be drawn & quartered. How do people who can’t do American accents keep getting roles like this in Doctor Who?

On top of the subpar voicing, the story is just slow. It takes ages to get rolling, and once it reaches its peak, it still isn’t good. I have trouble saying anything nice at all about his story. It fails for me on every possible level. It’s the “The Monster of Peladon” of audios. I even preferred “Minuet in Hell.” It’s a shame Simon Pegg is one of the voices in this… Nobody could have saved this garbage.


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3 thoughts on “Audio Review: Invaders From Mars

  1. Mark bloody Gatiss. The worst writer in Doctor Who.

    I did not like this one very much at all. Too stupid alround. A comic story needs to have a villain that you can take reasonably serious.

    The first two parts of this are a mess. Gatiss threw in too many characters and subplots for it to work. That Soviet spy was totally irrelevant to the plot.

    Strangely a lot of fans think this audio is really fantastic.

    • I kinda like “Victory of the Daleks,” but I do admit it was one of the weakest episodes of Series 5. But Series 5 was amazing, so that’s not saying much. I enjoy it slightly, maybe a C+.

      But I really like “The Unquiet Dead.” The rest of what I’ve seen/heard I could take or leave.

  2. Not Big Finish’s finest hour, no. I enjoyed McGann’s first ‘season’ for Big Finish but the second one is a mixed bag of greatness and… this.

    You may want to check out my Big Finish bublaa page, by the way: where I have been posting reviews and news items regarding Dr Who audios.

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