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Book Review: Revenge of the Judoon by Terrance Dicks

Revenge of the Judoon by Terrance Dicks
Quick Reads #3 – Tenth Doctor
Featuring the Doctor, Martha Jones, and the Judoon

Rating: C

Of the three Quick Reads I have tackled so far, Revenge of the Judoon engaged me the least. I really like the Judoon as an alien species, and I think it is pretty damn cool that Uncle Terry is open to taking on monsters that didn’t exist in the show until decades after he stopped writing for the television side of Who. He seems to know the Judoon well enough, and that’s good.

The plot itself is a bit weak; it is essentially the same as “Smith and Jones,” the episode that showed the Judoon for the first time, but set in 1902 Scotland rather than contemporary London. The Judoon show up looking for somebody, and in the process uproot and steal a castle they believe their target to be residing in. Like I said, same plot.

Luckily, the characterization of the Doctor and Martha is quite good, and Dicks creates a quite likable supporting character in Harry Carruthers. Despite the problems with not having a lot of words to work with, Carruthers is a very well developed and likable character. It is always a positive when a tie-in manages to add new characters that are at least interesting. Sherlock Holmes fans will probably take something from this as well, as Arthur Conan Doyle has a few brief scenes in the story.

As it is, this one just didn’t grab me nearly as much, mostly due to the lack of originality of plot. It was still mildly enjoyable, though, because Dicks is a good writer who always seems to write good characters. Still can’t say I’ve ever really disliked anything he’s written.


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