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Audio Review: Bloodtide

“Bloodtide” (Big Finish #22)
Written by Jonathan Morris, directed by Gary Russell
Featuring the Doctor, Evelyn, and Silurians

Rating: B

Being a fan of the Silurians in general, I was pretty excited when I saw a story featuring them was coming up as I go through the Big Finish audios in order. My excitement was compounded when I saw that it was a Sixth Doctor/Evelyn story, being that I think, although I love Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker is really the best Doctor when it comes to the audio adventures. As weak as his scripts were on television, Baker has really vindicated himself in the audios, constantly turning in brilliant performances that show what his Doctor could and should have been on screen.

“Bloodtide” is a realitivly normal Silurians story for the first half or so. The Doctor and Evelyn arrive on the Galapagos Islands, just in time to meet Charles Darwin as he begins to develop the theory of evolution. Meanwhile, the Doctor becomes distracted by a distraught woman who claims her brother was falsely accused of treason, and had been acting strangely only over the past few days. The Doctor quickly realizes the Silurians are the cause of his troubles, and naturally he jumps in to investigate, while Evelyn looks into where the Doctor has disappeared to.

There’s a pretty crazy twist in the second half that I thought was great (though I could see it being controversial), and it turns out to be an above average story. Everyone in the voice acting cast brings their A game, aside from an absolutely hammy performance from the actress potraying the woman concerned over her missing brother. Maggie Stables is as brilliant as always as Evelyn Smythe, and it is much the same from Colin Baker. I generally think the supporting cast in these audios can be a bit weak, but aside from the one aforementioned exception, I think this one was pretty well acted.

Although I wouldn’t consider this an essential Silurians story, I still enjoyed it. I tend to give most of those stories the benefit of the doubt, and in this case I don’t think I needed to. It isn’t one of the best audios I’ve heard so far (Loups-Garoux, The Fires of Vulcan, The Holy Terror, The Fearmonger), but it was enjoyable, and I have to reiterate that I love the twist.


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3 thoughts on “Audio Review: Bloodtide

  1. Hey, thanks for including me on your blogroll, even with my poor regard for The Sea Devils.

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