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Audio Review: Loup-Garoux

“Loups-Garoux” (Big Finish #20)
Written by Marc Platt, directed by Nicholas Pegg
Featuring the Doctor, Turlough, and werewolves

Rating: B+

In one of the few adventures to feature only the Doctor and Turlough, Peter Davison as his Doctor and in my opinion his only really worthwhile companion find themselves in not-so-far future Rio de Janiero, just in time for the festival known as Carnival. If it wasn’t obvious enough from the title, there be werewolves in them tharr Portuguese-speaking hills.

I quite enjoyed the first Fifth Doctor & Turlough audio adventure, “Phantasmagoria,” and ended up thinking this one was better. Strickson and Davison have a really great chemistry that I don’t think Davison has with any of his various other companions. I generally don’t feel one way or another about werewolves, but I thought the story of this one was very strong, as well as being well acted.

Aside from being just fun, which it is, and having some good character moments for the Doctor and Turlough, which it does, it raises some interesting questions about morality. In the story, not to spoil anything too heavily, the Doctor comes down against a scientist trying to force a cure for the werewolf genetic anomaly on those who have the gene, claiming that they have a right to be as they are.I don’t think this is as black and white a moral dilemma as is often presented in Doctor Who, because obviously werewolves have been detrimental to people in practically every media they are portrayed in.

In the case of this story, not all werewolves are evil. Much like the Silurians, one of my favorite Doctor Who races, there are some good and some bad among them. But does it really make sense to be “against” a cure for it? It seems to me that it is similar to being against someone finding a cure for down syndrome. I absolutely think that people with down syndrome have nothing to be ashamed of, but I don’t know that it makes sense to say that there shouldn’t be a cure for it. I’m usually someone who manages to have a distinct opinion on every subject, but on this one I just don’t know. Neither side feels right. I think that kind of makes this a brilliant story, because it asks questions that there are no easy answers for.


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3 thoughts on “Audio Review: Loup-Garoux

  1. It’s funny, this was next on my audio review list. I’ll have to wait for a bit.

    I agree with you enthusiasm around this one. Written by Marc Platt (Ghost Light), the script is tighter than the usual BF fare and the performances are solid. I especially like the routine around the burger from the street vendor. I’d also recommend ‘Singularity’ which features the 5th Doctor and Turlough. On screen they had so little time but in the audios, their relationship borders on the 2nd Doctor and Jamie level of perfection.

    • Naw you don’t have to wait. It’ll be good to get multiple opinions in a short span. Thanks for all the comments, its good to know someone is reading my reviews. I’m listening to the BFA in order, so right now I’m on “Dust Breeding.”

      • This is too weird… that was my back-up. I really liked that one and it made me respect Geoffrey Beavers’ performance of a certain character all the more.

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