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Book Review: New Series Adventures – The King’s Dragon by Una McCormack

The King’s Dragon by Una McCormack
New Series Adventures #35 – Eleventh Doctor (#5)
Featuring the Doctor, Amy, and Rory

Rating: D+

The Doctor, Rory, and Amy stumble upon the polis of Gaeth, where a wealthy king rules all. The Doctor quickly explains that in previous experience with the area, they were a republic, not a monarchy, so immediately he decides is something awry and needs fixing. They find that the city is full of secrets, and a strange creature seems to have a strong hold on the population. It is an obvious nod to the classic work Beowulf, but doesn’t have the same feel as the original work. It doesn’t feel like the plot substantiated itself enough to be actual worth delving into the world built in the work of classic literature.

Although it starts pretty strong, I never felt like The King’s Dragon was able to capture my imagination in the way some of the other books have. McCormack writes well, with strong prose and clearly a very firm grasp on who her three main characters are, but the fantasy-heavy story had trouble grabbing me. There is some good here, and the similarities to Beowulf were creative and cool, but I just couldn’t get into the plot. It ticks all the boxes of being bearable: solid prose, and knows the main characters, but without the story to keep interest it really isn’t worthwhile. I wouldn’t shy away from McCormack in the future, though; since she does know these characters and writes well, I think with the write plot she is perfectly capable of writing a great Doctor Who novel. This just isn’t it.


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