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Book Review: New Series Adventures – The Glamour Chase by Gary Russell

The Glamour Chase by Gary Russell
New Series Adventures #36 – Eleventh Doctor (#6)
Featuring the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and the Tahnn

Rating: C

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory find themselves on England, 1936, where an archeological dig has unearthed a space ship that has rested dormant for thousands of years, with its inhabitants in stasis. The Doctor and his companions’ memories seem to be affected by some strange force, with Amy thinking the Doctor is from Mars, for some reason.

Trouble is to be had when another alien race of people who were chasing this ship show up looking for them. They wreck havoc along the way, and a pretty much big ol’ meanie heads. Pretty standard story overall, but I still quite liked it because of excellent characterization of Rory as a companion. Gary Russell actually seems to write Rory better than the TV writers do, which makes this something of a breath of fresh air in the world of Doctor Who companion characterization. There are a lot of references to other things in Doctor Who lore (Bernice Summerfield, a past incarnation of the Doctor, among other things) that will keep tie-in nerds happy, which is kinda neato.


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