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Book Review: New Series Adventures – The Forgotten Army by Brian Minchin

The Forgotten Army by Brian Minchin
New Series Adventures #33 – Eleventh Doctor (#3)
Featuring the Doctor, Amy, and the Vykoids

Rating: D

This was easily the weakest of the three in the first batch of Eleventh Doctor books. It was pretty awful, and never grabbed me the way the other two managed to. I found myself spending most of the book frustrated at sub-par characterization of Amy Pond. The Doctor was played fine, not great, but good. Amy, however, seemed like another character entirely, far too in-your-face and basically unlikable, which isn’t what Amy is like in the show. Granted, these writers did these books before much of the Eleventh Doctor had aired, so there wasn’t much to work with, but the other writers did a better job, and they DID at least read scripts or see a few episodes, because they are alluded to in the books.

Essentially what this novel boils down to is poop jokes. Potty humor everywhere, with humorous inch-high aliens that are often dealt with by stepping on them. The aforementioned miniature aliens arrive in a fake wooly mammoth, which makes its debut by pooping everywhere. Seriously. If you like Doctor Who at its most absurd, with poor characterization and the kind of humor you would expect out of MTV’s Jackass, then this is the Doctor Who novel for you.


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